got promoted. now playing hippolyta.


Frankie. Tommy. Bob. Nick.

Meet The Four Seasons.

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i simultaneously have a crush on a guy and a urge to punch him in the face right now

i want to be all flirty and stuff but i also want to repeatedly bang my head against a wall

this sums up my day today.

bad things i’ve done this year:
1. convince someone a slough was a kind of duck
2. threatened to gouge out the same person’s eyes with a loonie if the ever shared my secret.
3. cheated on the last question on my math test.
4. developed a crush on a hockey player.

good things i’ve done this year:
1. keep my locker semi-organized.
2. got into the school play.
3. kicked everyone’s ass during solemn and silent in drama class
4. met majority of my relatives working at school.


The horrifying Pantom of the Opera, revealed! GASP.

#transformationtuesday idk i think i turned out pretty okay if you ask me. 👧 #sevenyears


*drops mic*

*picks it back up because that’s not how we handle sound equipment*

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happy thanksgiving 🐔


i don’t want to do this please get me out of here.

fancy plates and champagne don’t make it any better mom

i don’t want to do this please get me out of here.