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PSA: Specs sleeps with his glasses on.

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Me!? Excited for Series 8!?


No, no, you must be mistaken


I mean, I don’t even watch Dentist What


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i’m in the mood to talk newsies

Anonymous asked:
Guy hates his job, falls in love, disguises himself, his love falls in love with his disguised self, realizes she actually loves his real self

the only thing i can really think of right now is

Aladdin???? i’m so sorry

Anonymous asked:
This is a musical about a girl who rebels and a boy comes to town and throws a party.

okay i know nothing about this i’ve only seen the show once my best friend was in it but


Anonymous asked:
I'm poorly describing a musical for you to guess: Singing, books, shoot, face, war.

okay this took like forever to think of but

Book of Mormon?



write an “About Me” for me and I’ll put it on my blog

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Eponine Thenardier from Les Miserables

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